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Our mission within the Enrichment Zone is to provide you with Comprehensive Training Programs through our Video Enrichment Sessions, Audio Enrichment Sessions, Ebooks, Articles, and Quick Enrichment Messages. All of our sessions are designed to provide you with Enrichment, Education, Inspiration, Direction & Truth.

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We created the Enrichment Zone so that you can be Enriched through whichever learning channel is most comfortable for you. If you are a visual person, you will love our Video Enrichment Experience. Or perhaps audio learning is your preference; our Audio Enrichment Sessions will definitely give you what you are seeking. Our Enrichment Quick Reads have been specifically created for those that prefer reading to gain knowledge and motivation. Regardless of your desire, we have exactly what you need to provide you with your Enrichment Experience.

These sessions were recorded live from the Enrichment Studio. Each session provides a passionate, relevant, real life message with the intent of educating and inspiring you to Release Your Dreams. When you watch these sessions you will feel like Tim is sitting in front of you, speaking to you personally. With each Video Enrichment Session you get the information of reading a book while receiving the energy and visual impact of watching a Speaker live.

These lively Audio Enrichment sessions were created as a learning alternative for learning on the go. For your convenience, some video sessions are being made available to you as audio sessions giving you the flexibility to Enrich your mind anywhere/anytime. These sessions are packed with great teachings, delivered with incredible passion and energy. Every session is with packed powerful content that when applied will assist you in moving one step closer to Living the Phenomenal Life you deserve!

We have developed a series of Enrichment Quick Reads for those of you who enjoy the reading experience. These incredible, information filled Quick Reads were recorded live in the Enrichment Studio, transcribed and edited for your reading pleasure. Each read provides a unique training experience with a focus on touching key areas of your life. These reads will assist you on the path to being your best self.

Tim R. McAdams has developed a series of sessions, seminars, and workshops specifically designed to give listeners the necessary fuel to apply their abilities. Mr. McAdams provides high energy, yet comprehensive messages that will send individuals on the road to Releasing Their Dreams.


During this session, Mr. McAdams confronts the reality that most people are not working towards their dreams. He exposes the fact that so many things have subconsciously “Killed our Dreams”. He follows up this realization by stressing the importance of  “Resurrecting Your Dreams”!


Mr. McAdams challenges listeners to do a self – inspection and determine if they are “Thinkers, Talkers, or Doers”. He breaks down the characteristics of each type of person. He then stresses the importance of graduating to becoming a “Doer”, and provides tips to becoming a high level “Doer”.


In this inspiring session, Tim R. McAdams provides key steps to “Making Things Happen” in your personal and professional life. He highlights the importance of, “Following it Through!” Mr. McAdams breaks down the steps to becoming a high-level performer. 

Enrichment for all

This section of the Enrichment Zone will provide you with a library of Videos, Articles and Quick Enrichment Messages all designed to give you that extra push that you need to move your life to the next level. We have made all of these sessions and articles available at no cost for your unlimited study. Begin your Enrichment for All Experience.

Enjoy these archived Enrichment Sessions that were recorded live from the Enrichment Studio. These live sessions are being made available to everyone at no cost. Inside each session you will experience Mr. McAdams' great passion and intensity while being provided comprehensive training. He enters into conversation about some of the most important areas of our lives and then coaches and mentors us on how to live at an optimal level in these areas. Each message is unique, relevant and straight from the heart.

These articles were written to Enrich your life by providing you with basic success formulas and concepts. These articles were written to Enrich your life by providing you with basic success formulas and concepts. The information in each Article was extracted, transcribed and edited from a live Enrichment Session presented by Tim R. McAdams. Inside these articles you will find step-by-step processes, that when applied, will assist you in Releasing your Dreams and Being your Best Self.

Team Enrichment leader, Tim McAdams, has developed a library of what we call “McMedicine”. These short video sessions will provide you with that dose of motivation, direction, coaching, encouragement, and in some sessions the little kick in the butt we need to keep pushing forward! These sessions were designed to cure you of the day-to-day sickness that life infects us with while simultaneously providing you with perspective that can prevent you from becoming infected again!

the impact

  • Changed my life the first day I got to hear you speak!
    Aaron M.
  • The Video Enrichment Sessions helped me prioritize what was important in my life and professionally. It was the start of my journey into a leadership position and the sessions provided me the foundation for growth and success!
    Dale D.
  • I used to be very stressed out about making more money. Tim's Enrichment Sessions has helped me turn my paralyzing stress into renewed confidence. Following the steps in the Video Sessions, I was able to find the right career possibilities that match my interests and skills.
    Craig E.
  • The Audio Enrichment Sessions by Tim R. McAdams changed my life! Tim’s lessons gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work.
    Melanie H.
  • Through the Video Enrichment Sessions, Mr. Tim McAdams inspired me to take actions that can move me forward to creating the life of my dreams. He guided me during times where I needed to release blockages that had stop me from moving forward in life. After 2 months I have accomplished so much! I have been blessed to have found the Enrichment Zone to guide me through my life’s journey and to keep me on track with things I love to do and actually make them happen!
    Diana R.

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