Who Killed My Dreams?


Are You Really Working Towards Your Dream?

The Importance of “Resurrecting Your Dreams”

How To Deal With "Dream Killers"

About This Session

“Who Killed My Dreams” is one of the most real, thought-provoking, and touching sessions ever delivered by Tim R. McAdams. During this session, Mr. McAdams confronts the reality that most people are not working towards their dreams. He exposes the fact that so many things have subconsciously “Killed our Dreams”. He follows up this realization by stressing the importance of “Resurrecting Your Dreams”! In the session, Tim provides a list of scenarios that may have “Killed our Dreams” and provides coaching on how to get back on track! Mr. McAdams’ passion in this session will resonate in your spirit!

Key Points: Who Killed My Dreams?

  • Confronts that most people are not working towards their dreams

  • Many things have subconsciously “Killed our Dreams”

  • The importance of “Resurrecting Your Dreams”

  • List of scenarios that may have “Killed our Dreams”


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  • Purchasing this video session was by far the best decision I've made to help my career.
  • This video session certainly empowered me and tidied up my mind by giving me a clear vision, a comprehensible structure, actionable steps, and lots of courage.
  • This video session has provided me with the foundation necessary to build a strong business.

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