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The Enrichment Zone is the Home of Educational, Informational, Motivational and Enrichment Video and Audio Sessions! TEZ (The Enrichment Zone) was created by Tim R. McAdams. Mr. McAdams is an Actor/Stuntman, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur and Enrichment Coach. He realized in 2013 that his assignment in life was enhance the quality of people’s lives Personally and Professionally. He desired to create a platform where he could create a positive impact on the world by sharing the knowledge and experience, he has gained throughout his journey. From this desire The Enrichment Zone was born.

Within The Enrichment Zone you will find a series of catalogs with what is referred to as "Enrichment Sessions". Some of these sessions will be Video Enrichment Sessions (VES) and others will be Audio Enrichment Sessions (AES). Each session was recorded in the Enrichment Studio. The vision for these sessions was to provide the viewers/listeners with a "real" experience. Developing sessions that focus on real day to day issues and communicating the information in a manner that is simple to receive, process and apply. All the while delivering the messages in a direct, high energy, passionate and "talking to you not at you" style. Tim's desire was for these sessions to feel as if he and the other Enrichment Speakers were in the room talking directly to you personally.

Each of the sessions within the Enrichment Zone are designed to help the viewers/listeners become the Best Version of Themselves. As a result, driving them closer to Releasing Their Dreams and Living the Life they Desire!

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